This is my documentation for my family and friends so that we can keep in touch while I spend a year half way around the world. I will do my best to document the good times, the bad times, the happy, the sad. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Application in Deutschland

Nothing very interesting has happened lately. Even though today I got an e-mail saying my secondary application was perfect and that it is now being sent off to the program in Germany called "Partnership International." So that is exciting, I am just really happy to be done with all these papers (maybe I shouldn't speak so soon). Ohh... and I had to go and get a Polio shot on Monday, because apparently you have to get one 9 years or less before leaving. I really don't like shots (but then again who does?) anyways that is pretty much all. Oh and today I went and bought some converters/adaptors and a pocket travel dictionary. I already have a German/English Dictionary and then I have a book called 501 German verbs which is a really good book. I suggest that anybody going should buy it. Yup so that is all for today. Short(at least shorter than the other ones) and to the point. Best Wishes,
PS. What do you think about my new signature? Should I keep it or no?

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