This is my documentation for my family and friends so that we can keep in touch while I spend a year half way around the world. I will do my best to document the good times, the bad times, the happy, the sad. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

In a month...

In exactly 4 weeks I will be boarding a plane to a place that I have only seen in pictures and beginning a journey that doesn't have a clear ending. I will be saying goodbye to friends that I have known since grade school and hugging my parents for the last time until 10 months. I am still unsure of what exactly I am about to embark on but I am sure it will be something that I won't regret.

It's hard trying to comprehend what exactly I am getting myself into. As the days are winding down it is sinking in but, somethings you just can't fully understand until you are actually experiencing it yourself. Honestly, I don't think it matters how many articles, blogs, websites, pamplets, or books that I read that are about Germany and what to expect. Not saying that it isn't nice to be prepared for some of the possibilities but I am sure it still doesn't compare to the real thing.

This past week I recieved the Student Handbook and it talked about so much that I wouldn't know where to start, to be honest. Without a doubt it was helpful and has led to me being overly excited.

Oh and guess what I was so lucky to be able to do? Fill out ANOTHER packet. Or actually I should probably call it a survey and luckily it wasn't very long.

Third pre-departure is on Tuesday and then I only have one more left.... holy cow. The time is flying it is CRAZY! I am so excited.