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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Leading a Life of Quiet Desperation...

Out of pure desperation to get more news, I urged myself to call Jeanne Iverson (the coordinator for AYUSA). So I did and I got tons oh news! Yes I am proud, very proud. So now you might be wondering what I found out well here it goes....
  • There are 60 people going to Germany with my group
  • Pre-departure orientations start in May and we will have 3-5 of those
  • The pre-departure orientations will be with 20 (yes 20) students via the they plan on making that work I really have no idea (it will be split up by time zones)
  • We will be finding out about host families anytime from May till the time we leave
  • On August the 15th we will meet up at the airport in Washington DC and we will board the plan together (everybody from AYUSA) and we will take a group flight to Germany!!!
  • We aren't having a formal orientation in DC like some other least that isn't in the plans right now
  • Language camp is in a small town called Hedersleben, where we will be residing there for a month

Random information Hedersleben is in Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt). The capital of Sachsen-Anhalt is Magdeburg. Sooo yea that is all for now.


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  1. That is A LOT of information! XD Now I want to know more about what we're doing as well.
    I'm going with CIEE, btw. Perhaps I will gain the courage to call as well (yeah, right. I'm totally gonna wait for someone else to do it. =D).
    Anyways, thanks for commenting on my blog.