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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pre-Interview Gitters

Ok it is official. I am completely freaking out about tomorrow it is about 11:20 ish right now and I can't help but think about my interview tomorrow. What if I am misunderstood? After all it's not like they can see my body language, facial expressions nothing. What if I completely trip up over my words. Not trying to profess my downfalls tomorrow in advance or anything but I already know that I won't be able to focus during school. Who is even thinking about school? Tomorrow is the day. My day to prove to CBYX that I have what it takes. Maybe I am being a bit dramatic. Perhaps I should catch some zzz's but that's not very important I have so much to think about.
Oh and on top of that I have an Anatomy quiz, German quiz and God knows what else to do tomorrow.
On a good note and a bit off topic. German competition is this Saturday. I am happy for it to come but kind of happy for it to go too. The Schüler Congress it's basically a state competition for all students in German class to get together once a year and you can win medals. My school dominates :) not trying to sound stuck up but it is one of those matter-of-fact things. Like last year we took up 52 medals and the next school runner up had 16. That is all possible because of great German teacher.
Anyways I am sure you didn't bother reading this blog to find out about what is happening with my schooling so I will stop and save you the trouble.
I will try and refrain from blogging again before I actually have the interview but if I can't resist just bare with me. This is a bit nerve racking. Enough said.

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