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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Schultüte und Schule

Yesterday my host family gave me a Schultüte or some call it a Zuckertüte either way I got one because well yesterday was my first day of German school :). I haven't opened it yet because it looks too pretty to open but all of the candy (that I can see anyways) are delicious because well lets just say that I have had way more than my fair share of candy while I was in Hedersleben.

So today was my first real day of school and well it was ok, school will always be school and it was just school in a different language basically. They speak so ridiculously fast like some of them I can understand but when they mumble there is just no hope. Today was more like rules for every class and what you should bring but in Geographie und Physik we actually talked about something. Oh and then in Sport we did play Fußball so that was fun. The locker rooms are really different because it is just one room and you just change no lockers or anything. Sport is only on Wednesday so you just bring your Sport clothes with you on Wednesdays it's not that bad. I could actually understand that teacher. I am kind of considering getting out of some of my classes because it seems that I am one of the only that have 15 classes here where are some others have like 10 or 7 or something but then I kind of want to experience all of school and it's not too much because they don't like expect me to write essays or anything so I think I will be fine but it is a thought. Daniela (my oldest host sister) will be going back from Egypt tomorrow and depending when I get out of school I might be able to go with my host dad to go pick her up in Munich, we shall see.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, this morning I totally took the wrong bus to school, I totally figured it all out though but still it was a crazy morning and I got to school like 2 minutes before the bell rang. At least I know now, so hopefully that doesn't happen again any time soon. Servus

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