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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Pre-Departure is starting soon!! My first orientation is on June 2nd, I am really excited. I should also find out whether or not I got accepted by the German couterpart (Partnership International) within a week.
Well that is all I have as for information. There is something else I want to say though, there is a look I get from people when I say I am going to be an exchange student. Some people seem shocked, others are excited and occasionally I get a look like I am completely crazy. Everybody says it is such a big deal and honestly up until now I was just excited and never really thought about what going on an exchange year really means. School is coming to an end which means all I will have left is the summer and that's it. I frequently get asked if I am scared or nervous, occasionally I say yes but mostly no. As the countdown starts I have come to terms with how I really feel and honestly I am frightened. Not because I think that it will be horrible but it's such a drastic change. The first thing I say is how happy I am to get out of school early, but that isn't completely true. I love (some of) my teachers and I will miss my friends like crazy. Everybody is always so quick to be ready to leave (esp in this state) but this is still home. And I am leaving my home to make a home somewhere else. I tried explain this to my mom and the first thing she said was "You don't have to go" but that's not it, I want to go. I am going. This has been my dream for a couple of years now and regardless of the ups and downs that I come encounter with I am going to do this. I am going to give 110% to this experience that few get the opportunity have.
Right now feelings are just mixed. I can only imagine that they will become more confusing as the time to leave approaches quickly. Well, I am really excited and I can't believe I have been so fortunate to be given this opportunity.
I have started studying German grammar. I am actually currently reading a book that has German poems in it and has a translation on the next page. Shockingly, I can understand most of it when I first read it, I think the hardest part are the idioms because even though you know what it means technically it can be hard to connect the dots. Eventually I plan on starting a German blog just so I can see how my German has progressed. Not right now though because it is horrible just take my word on that. It will get better though. Hopefully.

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